By talking about our concerns for nature we can together find ways to empower ourselves to do something about them. Here’s some top tips to get you started.

Check in with yourself
‘Am I grounded, calm, feeling social?’

Initiate a conversation
You can be honest to start, and say straight what it is that’s concerning you, and ask if they have time to talk.

Share stories based on experience
What specific experiences have led you to see things the way you do? You don’t have to be an expert, our own experiences are enough.

Ask curious questions

What questions can you ask to draw out the concerns of another person, without judgement?

Actively listen
Acknowledge what they have told you, what you learned, and any reflections. This will give a space for shared understanding of the topic.

Values and vision
How do you imagine things working out well? Can you share your positive vision and invite others to imagine it too?

How did we get here; and how to move forward?
Together can you name what caused the problem, and the barriers to things working out well? What’s a specific action to get past this?

What do you agree on? What differences are there in opinion? Let them know what you’ve learned from the conversation.

The short tips above have been collated from our experience, research, and a range of work. Have a look at some of our favourite resources from The Workshop and Tauiwi Tautoko.

Ready to start a change?
Tell us in one word what part of nature you’re going to talk to someone about.